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Cherry Bombe 100 Graphics

In 2018 Cherry Bombe Magazine hosted the Cherry Bombe 100, an event to celebrate the 100 most influencial women in the culinary industry. These graphics were designed to promote the event on social media and as printed assets at the event. 

Cherry Bombe Sticker Sheet               

This sticker pack was included with purchases of the Cherry Bombe cookbook and available at events.

International Women’s Supper Club               

To celebrate the launch of the Cherry Bombe Cookbook, this event encouraged women around the world to host a dinner party on the same night and cook recipes from the book. This tool kit was designed to help plan an host their own event.

100K Instagram Graphic

This graphic was designed to celebrate Cherry Bombe hitting 100K followers on Instagram.

Ice Cream Sandwich Week

This poster was designed to advertise Smith Canteen’s Ice Cream Sandwich Week, in partnership with CB Scoop —Cherry Bombe’s official Ice Cream week, highlighting women in the Ice Cream industry.

Elemis Giveaway Instagram Posts              

These illustrations were designed to promote a giveway Cherry Bombe hosted in partnership with Elemis.

The Feminist Pantry               

In preparation for a for an article in an issue of the magazine, these illustrations were used to crowd source names of Women-Owned food goods brand from Cherry Bombe’s Instagram audience.